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PeterPittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Reds Baseball Game

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MLB Baseball?Ok, I am 17 years old and I want to try out for the Pirates. I have only one question though. I turn 18 in September and the tryout period only lasts until August, so I will only be 17 when I try out. My question is, if the Pirates want to sign me out of the tryout, can I verbally agree to a contract and sign when I turn 18?

BTW- I graduate from high school in January of next year

And yes, MLB teams still hold open tryouts.

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PeterI don’t think you have to be 18 to sign an MLB contract. Andruw Jones signed with ATL at 16.

-edit- OK, I just looked it up. Jones was able to sign at 16 because he is foreign born…foreign born players can sign at 16. Domestic players have to be 18.

The Low-Down on baseball, part 2?Okay, the last question seems to be solid for me, now. Again, I’m supposed to cover baseball for my college’s newspaper, so help is appreciated.

The next question I have is this: Give me a summary of baseball’s culture. For example, name the historically bad teams (like the Clippers of basketball, or the Lions of football). Also, which league is better, historically? The NL or AL (kind of like how the Western Conference in the NBA has been far better in the East the past ten years)?

Also, who are the top 10 players in the MLB, as of now? Not just for the season, though. Over the past five or six years.

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PeterBaseball is a tricky sport when dealing with the sport’s culture because I mean there are so many angles you can take on this. Sure naming the best and worst teams such as the Yankees being perennially good and as of late the Pirates being perennially bad ( something like 19 straight losing seasons). But the problem with baseball is that is has been around for such a long time that each team has had great times and bad ones. Becaus some teams have lasted longer than others and switched from the American Lleague to National League and vice versa trying to establish horsitically bad and good teams is not really a good assessment of baseball culture. Not to mention the different eras. During both World Wars baseball players such as Ted Williams left the League to serve their country and lost years off their career. Baseball is built on stats- anything you want to know there is probably a stat for that. If I was writing an article about baseball culture I would of course mention the 27 world series won by the Yankees, most ever and about the Boston-New York rivalry centering with Babe Ruth. I’d also mention stuff like Nolan Ryan’s seven or so no hitters and Barry Bonds 763 home runs. The thing about baseball is that you could mention so many different things you could right a book. There is no right or wrong way to describe baseball culture because the sport is so broad. I mean you could talk about dominant pitching, or the rise and era of steroids. You could talk about Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier or the rise of the Domincan player in Major League Baseball or owners such as George Steinbrenner and their role in baseball over the years and their own team. You could also talk about the disparity in the sport like why baseball has no salary cap and teams such as the Yankees with large markets can afford to beat teams with small markets and less money to spend. There are so many different stories you can take or perspectives on the game. You could talk about the Hall of Fame, steroid use, unbreakable or performance enhanced records. If you want to go deeper you can research how baseball is not only America’s game but how it has become the world’s game. World Baseball Classic, the Olympics- baseball leagues in Japan, Cuba. The great non American born players and how they influenced the game. Names like Pedro Martinez, Roberto Clemente, Albert Pujols. You can’t go wrong with anything. I could give you the answers but I think you would enjoy the sport and your article more if you do the research yourself and don’t try to use everything I said- you don’t even have to use any of it. But pick something that stands out to you: the art of the steal, beginning of home run hitting or a player who catches your eye: Randy Johnson, Lou Gehrig, Josh Hamilton or an era that you want to learn more about: the steroid era, world war era, decade of the pitcher. Anything that interests you and run with it!

Historically the American League has a slight lead over the National League in All Star Games. Each league had periods of long 8, 10 sometimes 13 game winning streaks. The Senior Circuit (AL) has the edge for hitters as it uses the DH and normally American League hitters have higher averages, home run numbers and the teams normally score more runs. The NL known for its pitcher batting normally produces pitchers with better ERAS because of only having to deal with 8 as opposed to 9 hitters and the pitcher who is normally easier to pitch to. The American League teams although some teams have switched leagues and divisions have more world series. The American League also has the edge in interleague play which is somewhat new to the game. That is something you can write about when talking about the culture. Why does the American League consistently beat the NL. Is it because of the DH or is it something else. Unlike divisions in the NBA or NFL- the AL and NL are two speperate lleagues that play the same sport and come together in the world series. Its curious why the two leagues are so different and definitely a good topic to write about.

Top ten players now.. Its up in the air. This is pretty opinionated unless you look at stats. Albert Pujols is the best all around pllayer in baseball.

1- Albert Pujols
2- chase Utley
3- alex rodriguez
ss- Derek Jeter
p- Lincecum, Halladay, Sabathia, Lee, Carpenter
c- joe mauer
of-Torii Hunter, Ryan Braun, Carlos Beltran.

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